Barcombe Village Hall - a modern sustainable hall that caters for all occasions

Barcombe Village Hall was designed by Camilla Nordgren of London-based Satellite Architects, specialists in sustainability.

Features include:

Under-floor heating: A heat recovery system which provides excellent levels of fresh air combined with 70-80% recovery of heat from exhausted air.

A solar thermal collector which provides hot water, backed by a small condensing boiler for the winter months.

A PV ‘photo voltaic’ array which provides sufficient electricity to support the heat recovery unit and electricity in the summer months.

An export inverter which allows any additional electricity to be sold to the electricity supplier through a grid connection.

The primary materials are masonry brick and block work and timber.  Timber used was FSC certified, sourced wherever possible from local forests.  The exposed timber is resistant, durable and low maintenance.

The green roof of the main hall is designed to limit water run off, whilst the remaining roof structures are designed to direct and collect water to a central rain-harvesting tank.  This is filtered and used in the building for toilet flushing.

The building makes maximum use of natural light and designed to take full advantage of the glorious views of the surrounding countryside.

The project was funded through generous donations, local fundraising, grants from Viridor and Garfield Weston and the sale of the old hall.

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