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New Housing in Barcombe

A meeting to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan

Barcombe Village Hall, BN8 5BH

14-01-2018 at 3:00 PM

The meeting is open to all Barcombe Residents

Cinema Club

Hidden Figures Three brilliant African-American women at NASA are the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history.

Barcombe Village Hall, BN8 5BH

19-01-2018 at 7:30 PM

Regular activities and events are listed below. Please check the adjacent calendar for the latest day and time information.

Regular Activities

Mon-Fri 9am
Please contact Supervisor Mim Austin
call 07845 937254
or send an email
Body Conditioning Class
Thursday Evening 7.30-8.30pm
Please contact Rachael Brown
send an email
Floristry Class
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, 7pm-9pm
Please contact Laura Beale
send an email
Flower Show
Twice yearly Spring and Autumn
Please contact Anne Pearce
call 01273 401474
or send an email
Garden Club
3rd Tuesday in the months Sept-April
Please contact Malcolm Price (Chair)
send an email
Tuesday 5.30-6.30
Please contact Deirdre Daly
send an email
Parent & Toddler
Wednesday 9.30am-12 noon
Please contact Chloe Rhodes (Chair)
send an email
Thursdays 9.30-10.30
Please contact Jo Crayford
send an email
Tuesdays 9.30-10.30
Please contact Debbie Portchmouth
send an email
Wednesday Evenings 5pm-9.30pm
Please contact Chair Tim Evans
call 01273 400835
or send an email
Turning Pointe Ballet School
Mondays 4.00 - 8.15pm
Please contact Principal Julia Canneaux
call 01825 840378
or send an email
Women's Institute
2nd Tuesday in the Month
Please contact Chair Debbie Caswell
call 01273 401785
or send an email
Monday evenings 7pm- 8.30pm and Friday mornings 9.30am -11am
Please contact Tina Corbett
send an email
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